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JANET LEE MONTERA is writer, life story speaker, blogger and author of “How Angels Fly” and its companion collection Postcards from God; Novel: “The Respite” forthcoming; and always Humankind, my blog.


We Humankind Write Our Life Story Yet Forget Its Value...DEVOTED TO TELLING OUR STORY

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My story in six words: “Humankind is visible in my reflection.”

At birth we each cross the threshold of our ancestry and embark on life. Each life is unique and how it threads with another is not random. It is due to the choices made by those who came before.  

I believe that our Name and its Story serve as a placeholder in time. I speak on the topic of life stories because I care that our encounters with life are not lost in faded pictures or memories thought unimportant. 

A life story is not about our life… it is our life.