We Are The Story

Janet Lee Montera – Speaker, Writer, Author, Raconteur

Janet's logo textA Life Story Is Not About Our Life.

It Is Our Life!

I believe that our Name and its Story serve as a placeholder in time. I speak on the topic of life stories  because I care that our encounters with life are not lost in faded pictures or memories thought unimportant. A perfect illustration of this is storyteller Alexander McCall Smith pictured below… 

McCall SmithAlexander McCall Smith is known worldwide for his splendid series:  “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.”  I was fortunate to meet him in 2012 as a member of The Loveland Loves to Read program: a yearly event in our Colorado hometown that began in 2004. 

I’d visited Gaborone, Mma’s hometown, a number of years earlier and had purchased a watercolor of what the young vendor swore to me was the actual street where Mma Precious Ramotswe practiced her trade. I didn’t have the heart to tell the youngling that the series are fiction. Knowing the watercolor to be more PRECIOUS to its Author, our committee gifted it to Alexander. 

My first writings began to exist at age twelve in a red plastic diary with a miniature metal key. I graduated to personal journals and had two  anthologies published. Newly released: How Angels Fly and its companion collection: Postcards From God (eight in all).

As a writer my love is for the creative, for the characters, for a voice to break free from the ether of silence and for words to fill a blank page. There is genuine gratification when a piece is finished; no matter its length or its world-wide draw. My projects begin as an inspired blueprint and end as a treasure map. My current blueprint: The Respite {the story of orphan Rose Eva Thistle}.

I’m a native Coloradoan and Owner of JLM’s Garden, LLC. It is within these confines that I work with clients to impart their legend through dialogue utilizing Obituary, Eulogy and Life ChroniclesI love music, tradition, to think and plan. Most of all, I love all phases of writing from thought to character to constant changes to realization. The act of writing is an isolated experience. Yet, at some point, the understanding that seclusion changes to access by the peoples of the world. It is for this reason writers write.