Tears for Humanity

November 18, 2010 – Typically I know exactly what I’ll write when I begin my blog. But today; well I just don’t know what will reach my fingertips as they hit the letters on the keyboard. I guess mostly I’m down—not down-and-out, just down. I see our world, as I know it, crumble like a cookie that I begin to eat at its outside edges until I reach its core; that I consume without thought. The outside edges are what enticed me but it was the core that consumed me. And, I didn’t care how bad the cookie was for me; well until it was too late.

Having been fortunate enough to travel our country and countries around the world, I know at my core level that some things are innately wrong when it comes to the treatment of humanity by despots and one mankind to another. I didn’t learn this lesson in a book.  I learned it when I looked in the humanness that lay in the eye of my fellow man.

I ask myself, ‘So Janet, are you down-and-out or just down?’ I really can’t answer that question because as I write my blog I realize I am deeply hurt by what I see and my tears blur the screen.

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