July 22, 2010 I wasn’t thinking about it, but it arrived anyway. My consciousness welcomes it, I guess, because it’s here. But, I don’t welcome it as I do the huge white clusters atop the shrub, snowball viburnum, in my garden; reportedly around since the middle of the 16th Century.

Actually what arrived is even older than my shrub; it’s the word War! War: conflict, hostilities; combat; struggle; rivalry; competition… Wars have many monikers and there have been millions of them. War is a word that oversees heartbreak and the color red;  the blood of mankind. There are wars within; wars between religions; wars for power; wars that wipe out generations of potential, and wars just for the hell-of-it. War disrupts the balance of life and death, soul mates ever meeting, an opportunity to detach from prejudice and to discern what is right from what is wrong. That’s all really. For what else is there to say?

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